Ronnie Moretti
Key information
Birth place Chicago, USA
Status Alive
Profession Press secretary
Relationships Tom Kane - boss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Tim Decker
Season 1 & 2
First episode "Listen"
Last episode "Stasis"
Appearances 5 episodes (see below)
Ronnie Moretti is the press secretary to Mayor of Chicago Tom Kane.


Season 2Edit

He arranges a press event with Mayor Tom Kane meeting Native American tribal leaders after ancient Indian paintings are found in the building site of the O'Hare International Airport redevelopment. Kane pledges to have the find preserved in a local museum.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ronnie Moretti is a recurring character in the first and second seasons. He is played by guest star Tim Decker.


Season 1 appearances
"Listen" "Reflex" "Swallow" "Slip"
"Remembered" "Spit" "Stasis" "Choose"

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