Lyn Green
Personal details
Birth place Newton, Massachusetts, USA
Profession Motion picture writer and producer
Years active 1977 to present
IMDb 0338115
Role Executive Producer
Season 1
First episode "Listen"
Last episode "Choose"
Credits 8 episodes (see below)
Lyn Green, born May 21, 1954 in Newton, Massachusetts, USA, is a motion picture writer and producer. She is an executive producer and writer for Boss. She co-wrote the first season episodes "Swallow" and "Spit" with Richard Levine. She left the crew after the first season. She has also worked on the series First Monday, Nip/Tuck, and Stark Raving Mad. She was the co-creator of the ABC series Scoundrels with Levine.


Executive ProducerEdit

Season 1 credits
"Listen" "Reflex" "Swallow" "Slip"
"Remembered" "Spit" "Stasis" "Choose"

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